You have most of your essentials that you’ll need to start practicing microblading eyebrows near me, however I do get a lot of students who ask me what you absolutely need in order to start working on clients in this video, I’m going to tell you the top four things that you absolutely need in order to start microwaving on clients, my name is kristy and I’m the owner of boss grouse a microwaving artist and trainer, this channel is all about sharing tips and tricks and business experience with other micro blading artists and hopefully it will help them and it sounds like my puppy wants down okay baby girl, there are four things that you absolutely need to start micro blading and the first thing is a massage table now when I first started I got a really cool massage table that was electronic and it did, all these different positions and it was a huge waste of money, it was very expensive and bulky and not very practical microblading eyebrows before and after.I’m not saying it wasn’t a great table, it is it’s just that for what I needed it wasn’t for me and it was a lot of money, so if you go on to Amazon which by the way, definitely get Amazon prime because you will be ordering so much stuff from Amazon but just with one simple search on Amazon I found a massage table, and that is 99 dollars and 98 cents, that’s all you need is a massage table, the second thing you need is a stool something to sit on now I really like this one stool, it’s the nova micro demonstration adjustable hydraulic rolling swivel chair holy moly that was allowed to say okay so it’s a swivel stool, but the reason I like it has a little backrest and it’s just a little more comfortable for me, this chair is only forty one eighty nine that is the one I use and it’s what I recommend the third thing that you’re going to need is a medical tray something you can put all of you.Supplies on while you’re working you want it to be moveable, so something on rollers is preferred, you can get a pretty good one between fifty and sixty bucks the Bailey service tray that one is fifty eight ninety nine the thing I like most about, this is that it’s adjustable it’s on rollers and it’s easy to clean the fourth thing that you absolutely need and it’s the most important is great lighting, now you can get a ring light for about a hundred bucks and you could use the ring light however I’m partial to the glam core light it’s amazing, it’s a little pricey but it is well worth it I have two of them one for da appointments and one for saint Louis appointments, but I really don’t need to because it’s very easy to break down and put in the carrying case that it comes with and travel with it, there are a few different glam cord lights, but the one that I recommend is the glam court elite X portable LED light.I think it it’s a long title but pretty much it’s the glam coral lite that has two heads and the reason why I like the one with two heads is because you can adjust both of them to give you the best lighting for your microblogging service, so I definitely would just pay the extra money for the two head glam core light, all of these things you can get on Amazon and I believe most of them you can return for free, so if you don’t like it, you can return it, but I would just double check when you’re ordering that there are free returns or that it’s eligible for a return and that’s pretty much it those four things are what you absolutely need to start micro blading I really wouldn’t recommend spending a lot of money on doodads that are necessary because once you start seeing clients and getting in the groove of working, you will see what it is that you need and don’t need and if you decide to add more to your supplies, you can do it down the line but to start microwaving this is what you’ll absolutely need and all.All of these items are around 455 dollars it seems like a lot, but the glam core light is 255 dollars that’s where you’re gonna be spending most of your money, but again don’t cheap out on this, this is the bus lighting, every micro budding artist I know uses it and it’s fun off if there are any other supplies that you have questions on and you want my recommendation, please put in the comments below or if you’ve found any supplies that are cheaper and you really like them, please comment below because I’d love to check them out thanks for watching and I hope this really helped if you like it.






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