I love you so much snowflake nail art, I love you all so much, and if you want to be shouted out, make sure you have your notifications turned on, so to begin an a press set, one of the most important things I feel is to make sure your natural nail is well prepared by the way you guys everything, I use in this video is not from the actual a press brand, this is a dupe, so I’m just using items that you can buy elsewhere to do the same method as you would with a press actual nails, so I’m using a cuticle bit from the new taurus brand, he sent me these to try out in my PR kit and I really like this one it’s not sharp, but it does have a grit to it at the manicure near me.The end of the bit and I feel like it really works so well on cuticle, this is my cousin, she’s entering eighth grade and these are her back to school deals, my cousin has not had nails done for a long time guys, so I am doing my very best to get this cuticle eliminated I’m going in with this bit then I’m gonna go in with the sanding band and rough up the entire nail and then go back around the cuticle area once again because I felt like I could still see more cuticle and I feel like this is where some people kind of don’t.Really get all of the cuticle off they kind of just stop at the cuticle bit when there’s still a lot more left behind, because I notice cuticle bits are sometimes not even aggressive enough for me and I have to go in with the with the sanding band and really just file it away because it’s just stuck down on their her cubicles were like grown down she had a bunch of nail that needed to be exposed and pushed back I have not seen anything like that in awhile, but that’s how kids are you know kids don’t get their nails done so it’s normal, but if you were trying to do some type of like any kind of nail enhancement over top of that cuticle, you would definitely probably get lifting really soon.So after the cuticle bit I’m gonna go with Sandy band like I said, and after that I felt like I still needed to push back just to make sure because I want her nails to last, she’s an athlete and everything, so I was doing my best to prepare her nails really well you want to do this even for an acrylic full set really any enhancement that you’re doing.So, I’m also gonna clip down the end of her nails because she wanted to have one nail that was glass clear and I didn’t want her free edge from her natural nail to show in that glass mail, so I just clip them all down real short that’s optional, if you want to keep the length of your nails, you definitely, can I also have a video about how to do the press method on very long, natural nails, I’ve done that before, so I’ll have that linked in the cards so I’m just gently pushing back the cuticle here and when I do this I noticed a bunch of dead skin, there is a white line of dead skin around the cuticle and that you can nip away so I do go in and nip this away and like I just spent a good amount of time giving her a full manicure by the way guys, the fan that I’m using to collect the dust, this is a two and one effect while and dust collector from Bruno and I did a review on this so I’ll have that video linked in the cards in case you guys.We’re curious about what was under me right now, after both hands are prepared, I’m gonna start doing the dehydrate or and primer, so what I’m using is the jc beauty concepts, dehydrate or antifungal and crime are then also going with the young males protein bond and I’m doing two coats of each.Yeah.MHM. Definitely rang my boys.’s a long way.So, after that I’m going to start carrying these nails on her fingers, these are just some like coffin nails that I bought off at sea over a year ago I was about to start my own personal business, but I was not ready for it, so I have tons of press on nails and a bunch of different shapes and I don’t know where these are from anymore, you guys I do not know, so these are just like very short and they’re already roughly in the shape that I want, so it saved me a little bit of time which I liked and yeah it just made the process a lot faster than having to cut down some bigger nails so what I’m gonna do is put down a little bit of base coat gel on her natural nails and in the well of this fake nail and then I’m gonna tell my my cousin here, or you can just tell your client too. When you say the word to apply pressure going up or apply resistance going up and what I mean by this is.Trying to hold the nail down and cure at the same time, it’s kind of hard to do especially if you’re like me and you have long nails it’s a little bit hard to do, but if you tell your client or whoever you’re working on to apply resistance going up with their finger, you guys can do like teamwork and work together to get the nails sealed without any air bubbles and then with your other hand, you can cure it so hopefully you see what I mean by that she helps me to put these nails on because, I tell her OK apply resistance going up and then she presses her finger up and it fits right into the fake nail and when I notice that all the air bubbles are out of the jail under her nail I go ahead and use my mini lamp to cure for ten seconds, if you have a mini lamp hold it very close to the nail, it’s not something that’s gonna work from a distance you have to hold it close up for ten seconds and that gives you a.Strong enough cure that you can move on to the next nail.So, after all the nails are cured down, I’m gonna put her in the big lamp and do a full cure by the way this base coat gel that I’m using and top coat gel that I’m using today are from a Poly gel kit and honestly I feel like the base coats and top coats that you get from polly joke, it’s are really good I use them all the time for all types of stuff for toes and everything like they’re really great, don’t throw them away don’t sleep on them I have a bunch of them that I’m just saving for when I need them so yeah, so with the base coat gel, I’m also gonna apply that under her nails just for added strength, and then a full layer of it on the top of her nails for like another layer of strength and cure, usually I would attempt to build the nails up with like seven layers of gel which is something I did.My last a press video, but those nails were very long in my last eight price video compared to these, these are a lot on the shorter side so I’m not going to make them as thick.Baby.Ramsey.For you.And now I’m going to start shaping the nail up, I’m also going to file over the top of the nail as well as the side walls and the reason why I filed over the top of the nail is because I want to be able to turn the nail white, so I can clearly see the shape of the nail, it just helps me a lot and I’m also going to check the client you to make sure that all the nails are shaped how I want them to be, you want to compare both hands to each other to make sure that all the nails are the correct length and shape and everything and I do that multiple times at different points throughout the service because I notice if you only check the length and width of the nails against each other like one time you’re likely to have a bad end result I kind of check it after filing I’ll apply the product.And then when the product makes the nails bulky I’ll file again and check the nails against each other again and then before the topcoat, I’ll do a last check just to make sure everything looks good and then after top coat before I take photos, I’ll do another check just for any final filing and fixing and stuff.Please.Yeah. Yeah.Yeah.For you.Yeah.Ding.Za za. So she wanted a really simple design, and I actually really loved how this turned out, it’s so simple and cute, this is a nude gel polish from being good and I’m gonna apply that twice on some nails I do it three times because it needed a little more coverage and we’re going to leave the ring finger, I’m clear so I end up putting a base coat gel down for finger just to give it some strength.Next you got it right this time now finn is out of line in my English got it right this time eyes out of light tonight, you better honestly.Honestly.Honestly.Honestly. ZA.Aye ayes, really your car, it’s my car babe, what are you talking about.Oh my society, hope, I’m gosh I agree we powder movies, they talk about heavy Wu monkey monkey monkey.Ellie will love and see you talk about me so um, see you don’t have to bethel.Bang Bang.Yeah.How.Aye.For you. Yeah.Do you know.Yeah. Yeah.Yeah.Yeah.Yeah.MHM.Yeah. Yeah.Yeah.Yeah. Yeah.Yay.Yeah. So after the two layers of gel was on I felt like the nails lost its shape so bad so I end up filing and then I do that third layer of jail for the nails that needed and then I felt like okay everything looks good, I’m ready to start doing the glitter application, so I put a topcoat on.NO.Yeah.Yeah.Good.Yeah.Yeah.Yes. Yeah.HMM.Yeah. She’s a.The choices you made, did you make them again again again again she’s a baby.She’s a so once the glitter is cured into place and it’s not moving, I’m gonna cap, the nails with builder gel, I’m not gonna build this up too high I just want to make it so that the glitter is well encapsulated in the nail and then I will file the side walls because I feel like the nail loses its shape and then just simply top coating the nail again oh.To make z.ZA. Bye.Zuk z.E E E enough I didn’t go and bring my fear looking down from the high that we have built all by yourself, there’s z unknown but we cannot lose gunshot.






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