I love her and welcome everybody to my channel, What is eyebrow microblading so today’s video I will be showing you how I’m going to be micro blading, my own eyebrows as you can see I have no makeup on because you need to microblading eyebrows before and after.Start with a fresh face, this disclaimer before we start this I’m not a professional I’m not certified in any way shape or form to be doing this on me or anybody else, I’m just doing this because I always wanted to micro blade, my eyebrows but.You girls born always been born and probably will always be.So without further ado, let me show you everything I got to do this first things first the pigment you’re going to be using I just went on Amazon and look for one that had a lot of stars and a lot of good reviews on it it’s the mad love brunette color.Then you’re going to need the micro blading blade to make the hair strokes which I got the u shaped blade, there’s actually many many, many different.Yea, you can see it.And to hold the blade you’re gonna need a.Blade holder, so what you do is blade into the holder, cuz I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be too hard if you just use this.On your eyebrows. Due to.Too far.Just like that.Hmm, it looks fake.Okay, but you also might need are some cotton swabs, I mean cotton pads to wipe away the access ink pigment.Already I just realized we’re also gonna need something to hold the pigment in so you can dip and cut I’ll be right back a shot glass, this is what it looks like I think you just kind of think of all I’ve been there.Just like that.Let’s get started and the technique, I’m gonna use, I mean there’s no technique to it I don’t know anything about technique but I’m gonna do try and do the hair stroke technique I think. Buddhists can.And we’re just gonna go on in.Ink it, oh hmm, hmm, that’s a big stroke.Like pie.I think I had too much ink on those first strokes, cause I can’t really see where the stroke went but giselle I’m actually not using any um.What do you call it for her.Numbing cream, I’m not using any numbing cream on these eyebrows, um I was gonna order me numbing cream for the skin, but I wanted to feel wanted to feel what it felt like like cuz I I was just thinking if I don’t if I use that how am I knowing if I’m digging too deep. Shouldn’t I be able to feel it like.What if I go so deep that it leaves a nasty scar.A I didn’t want that to happen so.I kind of jess.Hittin it raw right now. Not using any really any technique at all, I’m kind of just drawing it in how I would draw my eyebrows with makeup.I mean stroke wise I do know that you should follow your hairs, your natural direction.And two do not crisscross any hair strokes.That just might look a mess. So far pain right now is I wanna say, maybe of five.Yeah.Wild right now.So could not touch it in there sit inside, just for two minutes I have a little insecurity about my left eyebrow.This eyebrow for some reason doesn’t grow here anywhere here in this little dip area and it also.When something touches it like that the hairs move, but it doesn’t happen on this side, so this eyebrow is going to be a little more difficult because it has a weird shape to it and the hairs grow in a weird direction I had to train my hairs to go down this way, because if not they’ll grow out like this.That’s gonna be the hard eyebrow, did you.Alright, so I just have my cotton pad and I’m gonna wipe off the ink and c. What kind of progress we made already this is just the test eyebrows, wow my eyebrows are so red don’t mind my fingernails.They’re not the cutest fingernails to look at okay my pain level this time around is a little more like a six I think because you know going over it again over some of the same cuts.A little sore a little sore.Alright, so I got A Q tip just to put more ink on it and kind of like massage the ink into the cuts. Now we’re gonna let that sit in there.Okay.And we’re gonna start on the under eye brow. I don’t know if that’s the best idea because I can’t really see the shape of this one but.I draw this eyebrow on enough everyday I’m pretty sure I know what’s the shame should be alright let’s get started on the other bro, I’m gonna actually start off with this, this area of the eyebrows, because this is where I’m actually trying to focus on evening out and filling out so I just want to kind of see how that’s gonna look let’s see.Guys, low key starting to really hurt just the more that we do it.I know we’re not supposed to drink alcohol actually before you even get any tattoo done even microwaving your eyebrows because alcohol is a blood thinner, which can make you bleed more than usual while you’re cutting your skin. So, um, but so far I haven’t had.Too much bleeding I seem like maybe a few specks of blood in the middle there, but I don’t think that should affect it too much.I hope.I think everyone has their one insecure eyebrow.And reasons for it.If you do comment down below let’s share our eyebrows stories cause this one always gives me the hardest time.And this eyebrow specifically I do always start even when I draw my eyebrows on I always start with the corner instead of like this eyebrow, I’ll start filling here before I get to the end, no not with this one she wants me to start here, see I’m feeling a little more confident on doing.This joke was pretty good about that, let’s just hope that the two brows come out pretty similar. I mean I just feel like you do your eyebrows enough everyday you know what you want them to look like this is the same thing except instead of just lightly drawing your eyebrows on your deeply scraping them on.Whoa, I’ve never seen my eyebrows so red.HMM.I do think I need a little more wow. Do you think I either need a little more shape out here.Like in this area, so I’ll go ahead and do that, can you guys see some of those strokes in there.It actually feels kind of good too.Zhou Wu having an allergic reaction. Oh my god.Let’s hope not.HMM.Yeah.Jeez, okay, let’s see.So you can see. I do have to still work on a little more in this corner.This corner there.Um, can you guys hope you guys can see there are a few hair strokes that made it through, that’s a good sign.But I do think I’m gonna go over it a few more times especially in this corner area, I’m really digging it I have no eyebrows on guys.Hmm I really really like it.Already well I love it, if you love it, please let me know if you don’t love it, please let me know and tune in for my next video please subscribe thank you guys again.






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