These were the first three comments in my last video manicure sets, if you want a chance to be featured and make sure you hit that notification bell and come show your girl, some love when I drop a new video and today’s feature comment goes to jolie’s hey all what’s up and welcome back, so in today’s video, I’m gonna be trying out the acrylic nail kit from wish nail manicure kit.And as you see, this comes with a lot of stuff and this was only nineteen dollars so it does come with instructions, but this is for their jail kid and I got the acrylic kit so they sent the wrong instructions, and they also sent this uv jail primer which I don’t need either because this is acrylic, but anyway let me show you what this kit comes with so you get acrylic acrylic liquid brush cleaner and nail polish remover uv gel primer which I don’t need more color acrylic manicure sticks a buffing block acrylic brushes, nail tips, nail files, manicure brush nail art wheels damping dish practice finger that looks kind of creepy nail forms, acetone pads, nail pads six glitters that have spilled all in the bag.Small dispensing bottle, so I want to do tips for this nail design, but I hate white tips, so I’m gonna be using my favorite nail tips, and these are the eu along the little tips and these are in clear and I picked this up from Amazon and I’ll be gluing on the tips using the ib d brush on glue, so once I have all of the tips on I’m going to trim down and we’re gonna do a little bit longer, this time, I’m also going to switch up the shape to a stiletto, so I just foul each side back and forth until I get the nice point that I like, so this is after the tips are shaped to my liking, and now we’re gonna open up the acrylic powders.So that white is looking kind of chalky there, these are the three colors, you got white, clear and pink I think I want to stick with the clear and pink for this one, so this is what the monomer looks like, and I do like that it has this cap that prevents it from spilling so I’m just gonna pour some of that into the damping dish and I also want to use some of these pink leaf type looking things I think these are female slices which is really thinly sliced clay pieces and then I’m also gonna use this beautiful pink glitter, you guys know I love pink, so because said did not come with primer or dehydrate or I will be using my own and these two are from jellyfish, so I will leave the links down below, so first I apply.By dehydrate or and I’m just going to apply that to my natural nails and then I go in with the primer alright so I’m starting off with that pink acrylic and the first bead ome I god this stuff sets immediately so it was a little hard I had to work so fast and kind of swoosh this out, so I wanted to do like a glitter on break tip, so I did my curling brush into the clear powder and then into the glitter and that is how I’m picking that up and I’m working in small beads, because this acrylic sets so fast like oh my god, so yeah I’m working in small bees and I have to work super fast, so this is pretty much how I did my nails when I first started I used to work with really small beads of acrylic and just build up from there.Um, but with this stuff you guys have to be so fast because it will harden up on you and then you won’t be able to move it or do anything so once I have the glitter down the way that I like I’m just gonna use that clear acrylic and we’re going to encapsulate which means we’re just basically covering up the glitter with clear so we can follow it and shape it without the glitter coming off I work pretty slow overall, so I don’t like to work with fast setting stuff and this stuff is super fast setting but I mean what can you expect it was only nineteen dollars for all this stuff, so yeah but the the monomer is pretty strong, it’s really strong actually if you are very sensitive to like the monomer, sent you definitely want to be by a window or outside when you use this stuff because it is really really loud.So I’m just repeating the same thing I did for my pinky nail I’m going in with that pink acrylic or my nail bed and it’s a very sheer pink I’m so it just gives you like a little tent to your nails, so I like to use that for my nail bed area just to brighten that up a bit, and as I move on to each finger, I’m getting more used to how this acrylic system works and it works best when you use really tiny beads and you just kind of build up and then I’m going back in with the glitter on the tip of the nail so the brush that I’m using did come with the kid and it is a number eight and it is pretty decent quality I am really shocked because most of these brushes that come with these cheap kids, they hard enough on you instantly and this one stays soft, so that is a plus.Za za za.Alright, so for my middle finger, I’m going to do the same thing with putting that pink on my nail bed area. And then taking a bit of clear I’m gonna use that to press on one of these little pink leaf looking things I wasn’t really sure where I was going this was all kind of just free styling, so then I go in with some more glitter and placing that on the nail and try to do like a little swoop or something with it.So once I’m done placing all of the glitter, I’m just gonna go ahead and encapsulate everything with the clear acrylic.Alright, so this is after all of the acrylic is delayed and I like how it came out, um, so this is all of the clear that is left, I’ve ran through this clear acrylic, so keep that in mind you really don’t get that much, so after all of the nails have completely set I’m just gonna go in with my shaping and filing, um, so the files that come with this kit are for like your natural nails, they are pointless when you’re trying to file nail extensions, especially acrylic because this is like the hardest thing to file, um, so I had to switch over to my tried and true black rectangle file and I will leave a link down below to these if you guys are interested. So this is after my nails have been filed shaped and buffed and I’m going to be adding some jewels, so I’m going in with the pucci snails super shine gel topcoat I prefer gel top coat over a regular top coat because it’s shiny or and it lasts longer, but you do not have to use gel polish, if you don’t want to regular polishes just fine, so I’m applying the gel topcoat and as you can see that glitter is coming to life, these nails are so cute, and it has been a minute since I’ve done some stiletto shaped nails.So before I hear the jail top code, I’m just gonna place that stone in the center of my flower and I cure my LED lamp for sixty seconds after carrying I’m applying cuticle oil and this is the finished look although this kid was a bit difficult to get used to as far as the acrylic and stuff I think these turned out really really well I love how the glitter shimmers and this is a OK kid, it comes with everything you need to do your nails.






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