So the thing comes in a cardboard box like this and when you open it inside you’ll find the manicure set it looks like a wallet gel manicure, it’s black and glossy and has this folded texture soft to touch and it’s around fifteen centimeters long, so not very big, and you have to just press this knob to open it is really easy to open and inside you’ll find all the stools, it looks like a really great tool kit for nail art enthusiasts and these are all made of stainless steel, so really harmless to use and they will not rust this is actually a multiple hostility, you can use it for grooming your eyebrows and also for cleaning your ears, so it’s really a good deal, it closes really easily as well, just to press both sides and it will lock with a click and it’s pretty secure french manicure nails.And as you can see the things are pretty securely held using these traps and you can shake it and continue whatever you’d like but Xie Xie comfortably and conveniently pulled out and put back in so now I have laid out all the tools and these are eighteen in number and I will go through one by one and show you the usage of each of these, this is your cuticle nipper cuticle cutter, it’s got a short page in the tiny proof and it will cut your cuticle in no time but be very careful to not use it unless very sure this is the cuticle pusher and it’s got a blunt edge so very convenient to use and they have the small scissor, this is actually for cutting or grooming your eyebrows and not for the nails, but you can nevertheless use it to cut your nails because it cuts really nicely, it’s got a curved tip like this and this is how it cuts your nails but it’s actually for cutting your eyebrows.So they have given three types of nail clippers to small one big, this is the first small nail clipper, it has got this slanting cutting edge or blade and it’s for cutting the sides of your nails so that you can shape them easily, so it’s pretty sharp and cuts really crispy and nicely, this is the second small nail clipper and was equally well and the third and last one is the big Mill clipper, it’s probably for the toenails and paw bigger and harder nails here is a small nail filer, and it works quite well, all the people say it’s better not to use metal nail filers as it might damage the nails, and here we have another type of nail file there’s another cuticle pusher with two different shapes on either side and you can clean the underside of your nails with this and can be used on the corner of nails, this is another type of cuticle clipper, but I cannot cut anything with it, it can only be used to pull the skin because I cannot control the blade I cannot push the handles.So honestly, it doesn’t work for me and we have this black head remover, you push it against your skin like this and the other end is quite sharp, and therefore is protected by a plastic cap, it’s quite tough to remove and that’s a good thing, so this is probably for cleaning the underside of your nails but have to be very careful because the tip is quite pointed and sharp, they have given another type of black head remover as well, next we have three types of blades are sharp and works with so these are probably for grooming your eyebrows or cleaning your facial hair, so I’ll be putting up a eyebrow grooming tutorial, using this manicure kit very soon, so please stay tuned for that and in that video I will show you how to use these things, meanwhile you can see how well it removes the hair from my finger, they have also given this eyebrows are so I will be using this in an upcoming video to show you how I use this to shape my eyebrow, and this is held in place using a plastic ring, finally we’ve reached the last two items and these are. New year’s but make sure you use them very carefully so that you do not damage your ear Canal so those are all the things inside the toolbox and I find it really useful and convenient, I love this toolbox manicure set because it’s multipurpose and if you know how to use the items you can save a lot of money by grooming yourself at home, so I happily approve of this manicure sets and totally recommend you guys to buy these now, where can you find them, these are easily available in NYC up you’ve caught an Amazon just type manicure set or manicure kit and you’ll get endless results, you can choose any from the results, these are within 200 to 500, rupees the one I showed you was gifted to me so I don’t know the price of that, but anyway you will get endless results choose according to budget and just make sure that these are of good quality that is made up of stainless steel and has all the items that you need inside the kit.






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