Did you see that I know colour changing nails a thing but they went from white to red crazy holiday nail art, what is this now an egg, oh those things on Youtube, the hydraulic press that destroys things so they’re like you know what happened we done nails, o think that smashes on the Youtube yeah that one let’s do that smooch neg, okay congratulations that’s disgusting zee idea was creative, but also why y’all ever seen somebody take some watermelon rinds and make nails out of them I didn’t even know this was possible, but look what we got here, you could really be making acrylic nails out of anything, will it not decay and do look good though at home gel manicure kit.Or bees before they grow, they grow a little bit, wow, how long you’ve been soaking in there crazy I don’t know why nobody got to do nails with or bees like they tried to but shorter nails that scared me for a second I thought those are my nails, they’re literally my nails right now with the black tips and scared because I was like wait reach footage and they took the orbs on it okay and you soak them long enough, they’re gonna absorb the water and road I don’t like it, oh no it’s a yawn whoa, that actually looks sick like you can see the roots coming out of it and everything encapsulated I would be down for some onion nails, now they’re doing it with the onion peel, no way this is actually like work out it looks like it’s working out they made a thing a lot of it and it looks good y’all, impress me every day.Pear nails, you know made with love and by love, I mean a strand of my own hair, it is very unsettling to me that they look normal but nobody knows that they were made with a lock of somebody’s hair, what do you like, flip it on the inside, can you see like the strands I don’t like zip crab, claw like y’all was eating crow, they clean it okay good I’m like y’all really trying to have meat just chilling on your nail for two weeks will this actually work, will it be functional willett opening oh, I guess so we just go have a functional crap cloth, nice meet you that Mr crabs on the thumb cheese.A fascinating wow, how did you do that it was literally a penny a second ago they added like fire whatever mamma mia, when you try to impress your Italian crush so I’ve seen her to cops and she does custom nails like by hand, look at the absolute detail on this like this is insane, she does it by hand like that’s not laser printed or anything literally cinderella castle, don’t worry girl I got you by hand, I’m trying to get some custom anime nails bro, those are crazy, imagine paying hundreds of dollars for those they don’t fit on your nails.Ill ever sounds like Pizza, haha I don’t take that Pizza I think that’s pimples I know that’s mad cheese, oh might be you kind of look like parmesan, but what does the black whatever it is, you can pop the little cheese sacks or perhaps it’s puff, um I don’t really know, let’s not use the two in the same sentence okay if you’re gonna do or be nails do it like this, they did one color kept putting it in there whoa, yes file it down very satisfying it’s still gonna be slimy though.Um, ma’am, did your nails just take a dookie into a nest, yeah the way they just like left up the little nest with some brown nail polish you know make it look filthy oh look how beautiful these nails are time to ruin them what big bird over here, those are negs, how does it pop them out, where are they coming from, he got a seeker hole I should know about patchy toenails I already know I’m not gonna like this okay, we all crush them it’s a powder now there’s a lot of things you could do in this world with hot chee tos o no it’s messy, no girl that’s nasty it’s not too late to stop now, she gone the whole way, we stop and now it’s too late, okay I want to see when it’s shiny, what I look like okay if I saw that I would have thought it looked fine, but if you tell me that is made of hot chee tos, now we can’t be friends, no more I can’t keep defending you.This is another very very creative nail d io so they cut the bristles off of a toothbrush, and then you end up with it, how it looks like grass, only the finest of grass, how do you do that they just really snatch the toothbrushes hair like yoy balls, oh those are balls teardrops oh it’s skin color now hurry put some clothes on this before we get to monetize owing a bikini, wow I don’t know whether to be impressed or confused as to why you would want literal breasts on your nail now, no.This just keeps getting crazier and crazier, now with a pineapple and when you do it actually looks like a pineapple like I’m starting to think this is a good idea, as long as it doesn’t decay I’m hoping that the chemicals like seal it into place bongo, my looks sick ook, they are so oh my goodness, those are some long nails where your nails longer than your fingers, they put down the gel put this net over it and when you pull the neck creates these bubbles remove the net and you have this very nice texture, some black over it, whoa imagine working all these nails and they just like Snap duns, oh that one’s a Galaxy nail, it’s kind of like toothpaste and then put the plastic over it, create a texture I hate you, oh they put on the middle finger so you know when you flip someone off it’s like hey you there wasn’t even real hands, so they were fake cos, they were fake, you had me convinced with the rings and then when you done just like papa.Ha, spiky I don’t think they’ll let you bring these on a plane, they look like an actual weapon, this is how they did it, they took a nail cut it in half, so it’s literally like Klaus, congratulations that you can’t do anything without stabbing yourself, oh, that was nice, pretty color, what now put some black over they put some lines in it where those come from they’re so cute and widow. Oh okay, you know what this is acceptable, they have the whole kiss squad, they have their heads like this and then these words are the feet to the little toe beans and then these are the heads you know that’s actually very creative so that when you sit like this, it’s like they just chilling ain’t nobody still like this girl I don’t know what this is it has a key chain that nail it’s got its own money key chain doesn’t have its own car keys too, but I can’t imagine whipping around an entire key chain attached to my nail also don’t even get me started about the squiggles you’ll just like chokehold, the toothpaste and go crazy not aesthetic enough for you.Useless Swiss knife but nail edition various shapes show me what you’ve got, how did they manage to do this so early is what I want to know also what is this can opener I doubt I can even open a can when you’re so do the whole nail coming off to a but the pinky however that one that’s a good one you could use that for a lot of things wow what’s really impressive about this is that the chain actually goes through the nail and comes out the other way, it was pretty dope until you have to wash your hands probably do a mean slap with those like someone puts you off bam with a little whiplash, I love some sun.That’s kind of cute, they give roses and it’s like when you put your hands together it’s like a bouquet of roses, you can’t really use my hands for anything else but flowers food side I like it but they also look tasty like I could just keep no more roses did she nails of everything that she wants for Christmas, we got a Mercedes key that fancy dyson hair dryer, you know that ain’t the nail you see how long they extended that nail ha y’all ever think about how much nail was hiding like under the skin, how low does it go, oh the red boxes, the little cartier bag a week before her birthday just like you know if you need any ideas for what you want to get me a bottle pop candy nails, cuz apparently you can make nails out of the powder I probably wouldn’t but she dipped in their write code it once you turn the uv rays on is locked in to see what it looks like it’s not even pretty, it doesn’t even sparkle it just look crusty. Okay, this is a little excessive, you know these feathers really trendy right now to put in a vase, but now she’s like put on my hands I wanna on my fingers I’m gonna ruin these perfectly good nails by sticking feathers on them I don’t like this I don’t like this one bit packet up harpy lady a tank OK, that’s why I like this, it even moves around but does it shoot anything, I mean you made the big bird take big donkeys, but can the tank shoot I like that pretty sick bro.I thought they were gonna make cheese but then I realized cheating got holes in it okay, no that’s actually kind of cute I would let him take all for today hope you guys enjoyed this video, if you did, we should have a and come below, let me know which one was your favorite set of nails make sure you turn on notifications click click and make sure you subscribe to the wolf pack.






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